EB-5 Real Estate – The most benefitted sector in the whole US!

EB-5 Real Estate – The most benefitted sector in the whole US!


There are thousands of people who are going through a really bad time just because of the bad decisions they made pertaining to investment opportunities. We are living in a world where the technology around is transforming into something more advanced by the minute and yet we are suffering from making bad investment decisions. Everyone wants to have a secure and a healthy future for their family and this is the only reason why people think too much while taking an investment decision. However, your best bet would be to make an investment in a foreign country where there are thousands of opportunities flowing your way. The EB-5 visa type is trending these days as it is being considered as one of the best investment opportunity. This scheme was started in the year 1990 to boost up the economy of USA and provide opportunities to foreign investors. According to this scheme the investor is required to invest at least $500000 in a business venture set up in US and is also required to create at least 10 jobs for the qualified US nationals.

In the recent years, the real-estate developers have benefitted from this program. Program has helped the US economy to grow at very fast rate and also the unemployment rate of the country has fallen at reasonable rate. The EB-5 investment program works really well for the real-estate developers in the US because the investors are required to invest in US which results in purchasing building or renting out property for years. Other reasons include; extremely low interest rates and no personal guarantees are offered to the projects that relates to EB-5 investment program. A research was carried out by the professionals in this field who concluded that EB-5 program has contribute a lot in the economy and it was majorly because the real estate market in the US.

After the financial crises of 2008, the country was in very bad financial health as the traditional lenders essentially refused to lend money so this seemed the only option to raise finance and bring back the lost economy of the country. Investing in this program is beneficial for both the foreign investor and US. However, the USCIS requires the investor to be extremely sure about the decision because this whole plan involves a lot of investment and firm commitments. Once the investment is made and all the requirements fulfilled the investor can work or live anywhere in the US. There are a lot of other benefits that relates to subsidized rates at schools and colleges for the children of the foreign investor.

If you are planning to take the best investment opportunity of your life then this is your best bet. Ariba Investments is providing all the consultancy services relating to EB-5 and will also guide you through the process of getting into action. Grab the opportunity before it’s too late! Be sure to be the one that benefits the most.

EB-5 Real Estate – The most benefitted sector in the whole US!

Just fulfill the EB-5 requirements and you will have the best investment opportunity!


There are thousands of people who are suffering from bad investment decisions. Anyone would want to invest the savings into something that benefits for the long-term. People think that if they have got enough money they will end up in investing it something very profitable which doesn’t turns out to be the way it was planned. It is time for all of us to act smartly when planning to invest to secure the future and have a rewarding life in the long-term and for that you will have to consider the EB-5 program which is trending these days. EB-5 program is an investment opportunity that can benefit any foreign investor in the long term and that same foreign investor will play a vital part in the economy of the United States of America.

However, to qualify for the EB-5 program there are some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by the foreign investor. In accordance with the USCIS a new commercial company must be formed after the inception of the program. The required amount of investment depends on the rate of unemployment or the population where the job creating entity and investment is situated. If the population of the location is less than 20000 people, the area or the location is said to be a rural area. Such areas are also considered to be high unemployment area and are best fit for the EB-5 program. The EB-5 scheme requires the foreign investor to invest at least $500,000 or $1,000,000. In addition to this, the foreign investor must also create or preserve at least 10 jobs for the US nationals. These two are the basic requirements to qualify for the EB-5 scheme and once these requirements are fulfilled the investor will become eligible to have a green card with numerous benefits attached to it.

However, there are some other requirements – The investor is obliged to prove that the funds or the capital involved in setting up the business operations is legally obtained. The USCIS may want to trace the source so the investors need to be sure to give them everything they want. A loan or a gift is considered to be lawful sources of finance as long as they are legal.  The USCIS requires the foreign investor to be through and educated by taking this huge step. This is a huge step because it involves considerable amount of money and the investor is going to leave it’s his current location and move to America. However, if all the requirements are met and things go in accordance with the USCIS, the investor will be provided with numerous benefits with the visa type and will definitely have a happy and a healthy life. One of the benefits of obtaining the EB-5 visa type is that the investor will be free to work or live anywhere in the USA. Ariba Investments is providing consultancy services to all those who are willing to invest in this program and make a better living.

Perks of EB-visas


We are living in a swiftly changing environment and the technology around us have made it very convenient to convince us on thinking a thousand ways of doing the usual-routine things. We are living in a time where almost nothing is impossible if we do, what needs to be done. Investment opportunities these days are tremendous and we have got a whole lot of it. However, taking the right decision at the right time is still considered to be the best way to make the most out of a very complex situation. If you have a huge investment and cannot possibly think where to invest, EB-5 program is the best bet for you as of today.

EB-5 Visas

The EB-5 investment program is the best option for anyone who is willing to invest in US. However, there are some basic requirements which need to be fulfilled. The foreign investor must have a minimum of $500000 to invest in the in business which will be situated in the United States of America. Once the capital requirement is met, the foreign investor is required to make, create or preserve 10 jobs for the US nationals when the business is fully operational. Once the investor fulfils the basic requirement he/she will become eligible for the EB-5 program which comes with numerous benefits.

The administrator (USCIS) requires the foreign investors to acquire complete knowledge and information before taking the decision because the program requires a substantial amount. However, this program has contributed tremendously in the economy of America since the inception of it and it gained extreme popularity in the year 2007.

Benefits of acquiring the Eb-5 Visa

As mentioned earlier this type of visa comes with huge benefits to the investor. Here are some of the benefits of having an EB-5 visa type:

  • The foreign investor can live or work anywhere in the whole United States of America and this does not require him/her to live or work where the business is situated. The foreign investor can travel anywhere in America with the EB-5 type visa.
  • Your children can go into any schools and universities and avail good discounts for their betterment and an opportunity to make the best for their future.
  • The foreign investor does not require any sponsors or sponsorship from a family member living in the US or an employer.
  • The visa will provide you with the opportunity to apply for US citizenship but five years after acquiring the powerful green card.
  • This investment program is flexible in its own ways as this does not require any specific language, education or business formalities for the foreign applicants.
  • The foreign investor will be provided with full security.

Above are some of the very few benefits of having the EB-5 type visa. If you are looking for an investment opportunity then this is the place to be. Ariba Investments can cater you with their expert knowledge and skills in this business and provide you with the best solutions to your investment opportunities.

Information and Knowledge about the EB-5 Regional Center


Everybody wants to have a healthy and a financially sound life for the betterment of their family and to achieve this, people need to think smartly in as to what they intend to do with their savings or income. It is because we are living in the 21st century with enormous opportunities coming our way, all we need is to make the best out of the circumstances we face. People need to realize we are living in a time where both investment and smartness is the key to a very profitable future. The EB-5 visa type is becoming extremely popular with people planning to invest in the US as it requires at least $500000 and a suitable business plan to get things started. It also requires the foreign investor to provide 10 jobs to the residents of United States once the business is operational.

EB-5 Regional Center

There are numerous perks of receiving EB-5 Regional Center post from the administrators (USCIS) for your business. Once you become regional center, you will have an edge in raising finance through debt with low interest rates and you will also have an advantage to raise finance through equity but this is rather an issue of subjectivity and it depends on the situation. Raising finance through this EB-5 immigrant scheme has turned out to be very unique compared to all other conventional sources of raising finance and the overall industry of EB-5 is growing as more and more foreign investors are taking the best advantage from it.

The EB-5 scheme became more common and popular in the year 2007 because traditional sources of lending became very stringent. This program has actually helped in boosting the economy of the country. However, there are two options for funding a business project with the EB-5 capital: through a regional center or through a direct investment. Researchers have concluded that going with the first option which funding through a regional center is more efficient and can be more attractive because the designation provides some relief to the EB-5 applicants. One of the benefits of funding through regional centers is that they are more easygoing on the job creation requirements of the EB- 5 scheme. If the funding is made through the regional center, the foreign investor can satisfy EB-5 job requirement criteria by making 10 indirect, direct or induced full-time jobs rather than the strict criteria of 10 direct full-time vacancies.

Regional centers are convenient to pool in capital as there is absolutely no limit on the number of people applying to invest in certain projects, meeting the job creation requirement is essential though. However, a particular corporation’s precise needs will always conclude whether going for the regional center option is beneficial or not.

Having a secure and a rewarding future is all that we want and it’s time to think different than the usual. Ariba Investment is providing the opportunity to invest in this EB-5 scheme for the better and profitable returns for the rest of your life.